Embedded Canvas Apps Pt 1 – Introduction

  1. What is Embedded Canvas App
    • To enable surfacing PoweraApps Canvas App on a Model Driven App form (Eg: Dynamices CE forms) with full access to the record from the host model-driven form .
  2. Why Embedded Canvas App
    • Reduce development time Easily connect to external sources and system via connectors
  3. Example Use Cases:
    • Directly take photo from Model Driven App and store as attachment in specific data storageRead attachment without saving or opening in another tab/windowBuild intelligence into the Model Driven App by leveraging on AI Builder and Azure Cognitive ServicesPerform complex calculations i.e accounting calculations
  4. Important pointers
    • Only 1 canvas app can be surfaced on the model driven form
    • Canvas app controls can be added to a field on the form. The field must be MANDATORY and HIDDEN
    • The APP ID will automatically generated and populated after the App is saved
    • When an existing embedded app is updated, it takes a while for the update to be reflected
    • Always remember to publish both the form and app everything changes is made to the app.


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