Ideas on Improving Apps UX using PowerApps Animation

Few people have asked me what is the use case for PowerApps Animations. Answer is lots! Gamification, leisure apps, business apps or even when creating graphs, charts or forms to be embed into other application e.g Sharepoint and Dynamics 365 and many many more.

But today I want to discuss how creating Animations can be used to improve quality of an app’s user experience (UX). For many of us who have been in the Dynamics space for a long time, we are used to static forms. But when we design App forms it doesn’t need to be static, it can and should be interactive and this applies to any type of Apps.

Disclamer: I am not an UI/UX expert or designer but this is just solely based on my opinion from playing with Apps on my beloved Iphone

Below are some examples to give you some idea using animations to make an app looks more neat, sleek, cool and user-friendly.

1.Shortcut Menus

2. Interactive screen – making images or text appear/disappear

3. Countdown timer/Progress bar/spinner when load loads.

Example below is a countdown timer.

4. Lastly, let your imagination run wild. Your creativity and imagination is your limit.

What do you think?

Happy Power-apping!

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