Embedded Canvas App Pt 2 – Create Gallery n Polymorphic Lookup

Gallery filtering

  1. How to refer to a particular field from the host entity?
    • [@ModelDrivenFormIntegration].Item.’Field Name”

Polymorphic Lookup

  1. What is Polymorphic Lookup
    • A lookup field that can refers to more than one entity.
    • Example:
      • Lookup:Owner – User/Teams entity
      • Lookup: Customer – Account/Contact
      • Lookup: Regarding – Account, contact, opportunity, case etc
  2. So…what is the problem with that?
    • When tell the app to perform a function (ie Filter) on a value in a polymorphic lookup, the app does not know which entity to refer to.
  3. Oh…How do I filter a list based on a Polymorphic lookup then?
    • Using Is Type…As Type function
    • Is Type – to tell the app studio to check if the record is referring to the specified entity
    • As Type – to tell the app studio which entity to refer to
    • Important – This does not support delegation
  4. Examplet1
Embedded Canvas App Pt 1 – Introduction

Polymorphic Lookup

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