Embed Forms Pro in Power Apps

Embed Forms Pro is Power Apps feature in preview!
I have been waiting for this since they announced this feature last year.

If you do not want to watch the video, here are a few key points if you are using this feature:

  1. Licensing – At least Power Apps Plan 1 license and a Forms Pro License (you can obtain trial version)
  2. Environment – Canvas app and survey/quiz configured in the same environment. This is very important or else you are not able to see the survey from canvas apps
  3. Response – If respondent did provide either a name or an email address, the survey response is deem anonymous
  4. Non Anonymous Response – Ensure to collect the respondent name and email and mapped them the name and email field in Forms Pro.
  5. Mapping – The respondent name must be map to either ‘First Name’ or ‘Last Name’. Mapping to Name does not work (Will need to investigate further – would appreciate if someone knows why it is happening). Currently you are not able to map to ‘Survey Variables’ in Forms Pro

Function: ContextParameters
Syntax: {‘First Name’:User().FullName,Email:User().Email}

That’s all for now. Happy Power-Apping!

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I am a PowerApps girl :)

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