Embedded Canvas App Pt 2 – Create Gallery n Polymorphic Lookup

Gallery filtering How to refer to a particular field from the host entity? [@ModelDrivenFormIntegration].Item.’Field Name” Polymorphic Lookup What is Polymorphic Lookup A lookup field that can refers to more than one entity. Example: Lookup:Owner – User/Teams entity Lookup: Customer – Account/Contact Lookup: Regarding – Account, contact, opportunity, case etc So…what is the problem with that?Continue reading “Embedded Canvas App Pt 2 – Create Gallery n Polymorphic Lookup”

Ideas on Improving Apps UX using PowerApps Animation

Few people have asked me what is the use case for PowerApps Animations. Answer is lots! Gamification, leisure apps, business apps or even when creating graphs, charts or forms to be embed into other application e.g Sharepoint and Dynamics 365 and many many more. But today I want to discuss how creating Animations can beContinue reading “Ideas on Improving Apps UX using PowerApps Animation”

Embedded Canvas Apps Pt 1 – Introduction

What is Embedded Canvas App To enable surfacing PoweraApps Canvas App on a Model Driven App form (Eg: Dynamices CE forms) with full access to the record from the host model-driven form . Why Embedded Canvas App Reduce development time Easily connect to external sources and system via connectors Example Use Cases: Directly take photoContinue reading “Embedded Canvas Apps Pt 1 – Introduction”